Political Common Sense?

In the blog GreekDefaultWatch, the author thinks his vote through for the May 6 elections and he comes to the conclusion that his vote should go to Stefanos Manos of the DRASI party. I don’t know the blogger nor have I ever heard of Stefanos Manos nor his party, so I looked up Wikipedia.

According to Wikipedia, Stefanos Manos and his party espouse “common sense” as their ideological base. Now, politicial scientists in their ivory towers may not consider common sense as a qualified party program but, personally, I would hope that sooner or later Greek politicians would start using common sense (instead of silly rhetoric) in attacking their country’s problems.

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2 Responses to Political Common Sense?

  1. Crossover says:

    Hi Klaus,Manos has been an old member of New Democracy,he might have been a minister at some point too if im not mistaken,he left ND and founded a party called "Liberals" but he never managed to get seats in the parliament.Later he closed the party and now he has formed Drasi.I saw the man's election commercial yesterday,he claims he will close the pension funds,cancel social contributions and impose 700 euro pensions for everybody over 68years of age.He also says current pensioners with pensions over 700 euros will not have their pensions changed.He says by this policy the public can save 3 bil. He further,obviously,explains that this will allow employers to hire more people and also offer them higher wages than the current ones since the social contributions will not be needed any more.It sounds good so far.But he fails to explain where is he going to find the money for the pensions if pension funds are to be abandoned…He sounds way too populist to me.He had a recent "debate" with proffesor Varoufakis through articles at protagon.gr you might want to check it out (im not sure if they have english versions though)

  2. kleingut says:

    …and here goes another hope!

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