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Greeks – be nice to the EU!

Having spent the 1980s in Chile/Argentina as a banker with direct involvement in the then debt rescheduling negotiatons, I have criticized from the very beginning that EU-elites adamantly refused to seek advice from those who could provide it, namely the … Continue reading

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Alexis Tsipras does it again!

Alexis Tsipras lives up to his role of being a trendsetter: this coming Friday, he and SYRIZA will announce their Economic Manifesto, i. e. what economic policies they would follow if elected. For that innovation in the ongoing electoral campaign, … Continue reading

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Portugal – a role model for Greece?

I am not familiar with the situation in Portugal but after I had listened to this interview, I certainly wondered why Greek political leadership couldn’t talk like the President of Portugal does. It had all the right soundbites like: “Portugal … Continue reading

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A new political order?

Pavlos Eleftheriadis published this most interesting article in the Financial Times. He identifies 3 facts which have caused the paralysis of Greek political life today: the cultivation of hatred, the rise of majoritarianism and the demise of the press. For … Continue reading

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Prof. Yanis Varoufakis vs. Kantoos Economics

Below is a very interesting exchange of views: an article by Prof. Yanis Varoufakis and a comment on it by Kantoos Economics. Prof. Varoufakis on “Fiscal Waterboarding versus Eurobonds”Comment by Kantoos Economics Both authors are very sophisticated economists (which is … Continue reading

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Christine Lagarde’s bombshell

Wow! That was a bombshell which Mme. Lagarde dropped on Greece! In the past, I have often wondered how a French woman would ever make it to become CEO of one of America’s largest law firms. I guess we all … Continue reading

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"Nothing is as inevitable as a mistake whose time has come!"

The above is “Tussman’s Law” and it is taken from “Murphy’s Law”. Have Eurobonds become inevitable? It is beginning to look that way. How the EU can agree to Eurobonds when such bonds are clearly in violation of the EU … Continue reading

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