Thoughts on the upcoming vote

To me, the most important figure coming out of next Sunday’s election is the voters’ participation. The last time it was allegedly rather low. Whatever the highest voters’ participation which Greece ever had is, I would expect that Sunday’s participation ought to come very close to it or even exceed it. This may turn out to be the most crucial vote in modern Greece and Greeks MUST demonstrate that they are prepared to take part in the decision-making.

Secondly, the last time votes for parties which did not make the 3% hurdle came to about 19% of the total. This means that 19% of people who excercized their right to vote would not be represented in the parliamentary decision-making (and the threshold for a coalition government declines). To me, the lesson of this is that voters should only consider parties which have a realistic chance of making the 3% hurdle. This is no time to waste votes!

Finally, I think Greeks should avoid tactical voting. I recently heard the following comment: “I now have to vote for this idiot Samaras so that we don’t get this idiot Tsipras!” My suggestion to this person would be to vote for neither and figure out which of the other candidates might be better.

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7 Responses to Thoughts on the upcoming vote

  1. Gemma says:

    You state "Greece and Greeks MUST demonstrate that they are prepared to take part in the decision-making" – – – the biggest problem in European democracies is that the politicians are not listening to the voters. It would help eliminate that tactical voting that is so common in democracies like the UK where nobody listens to anybody. As to the business of voting for a fringe party, perhaps these fringe parties actually listen? What if they actually have useful policies or policies that people believe in for all their being in a niche?

  2. kleingut says:

    I can only respond with the sarcastic reply which my first boss ever once told me when I was trying to improve the world: "The graveyards of the world are full of people who were right but never heard!" I hope I haven't ruined your day with this…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Her Klaus, which is the first party according to latest polls, ND or SYRIZA?There is the sense that ND is first but SYRIZA is close and elections are challenging.

  4. kleingut says:

    I think the most reliable polls will be out Sunday evening around 11 pm…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Many try to increase the reflexes of people leaving €(justifiably for me) but now find the time to publish this article about Alexis?Some leaders from small parties in Greece also imply that ND was ahead, in order to gain votes.The last 25 days the fear for exiting € -totally understandable- was substituted anger to a large extend, so its difficult to specify motives. Am i right?PS: But you say around 11 pm not 8 or 9 pm? You insist?

  6. kleingut says:

    Well, if I recall correctly, the last time ND/PASOK had the parliamentary majority until about 10 pm or so; didn't they?

  7. Anonymous says:

    True partially, pollsters make generally accurate projections from 9pm.However the real point,dear Klaus is, which political party is 1rst (+50 more seats)! A new gov can be formed with the participation even of 3 parties.PS: I hope this time ND+PASOK form a gov.

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